Nigerian Female Bikers raise awareness on cancer

Nigerian Female Bikers raise awareness on cancer

Members of the Female Bikers Initiative (FBI) have expressed willingness to further raise cancer awareness and breast self-examination among women.

The group which consists of female Nigerian motorbike enthusiasts

A member of the group “Agent Chocolate” told BBC Pidgin that it is using the common perception about female bikers to its advantage.

“Some people think women who ride bikes are crazy but the truth is women who ride bikes are some of the sanest people in the world.

“It’s a normal thing for a man to ride a bike, but if a woman rides a bike people say “It’s a woman.

“That makes everyone gather round and then we can talk to them”.

Last year, the group carried out a breast and cervical cancer awareness, raising money and sponsors to pay for about 500 women’s test.

Ogoru Akpevwe Attracta, a member of the group told BBC pidgin that because the group is predominantly female it draws attention whenever they gather at a location.

“When people gather round inquisitively, we get to tell them about breast and cervical cancer and how they can take care of themselves and how they can reach well.

A biker revealed that the group is using this initiative to send out a feminist message and change the perceptions about female bikers in the Nigerian society.

“We want to change their minds because some people think that all female bikers are crazy. The truth is they don’t just party, they don’t just ride bikes, they’re thinking and working together, finding ways to move society forward”. (NAN)

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