• ‘In Nigeria, people believe all kinds of things, they believe Jonathan or everybody who have served in govt is a billionaire’

    ‘In Nigeria, people believe all kinds of things, they believe Jonathan or everybody who have served in govt is a billionaire’

    By Johnbosco Agbakwuru
    Jonathan still struggling to pay 2015 election liabilities – envoy

    ABUJA – FORMER Career Diplomat and retired Permanent Secretary, Ambassador Godknows Boladei Igali, has said that former President Goodluck Jonathan, has remained one of the poorest former Nigerian leaders, even in Africa, in recent years.

    Godknows Boladei Igali

    Ambassador Igali also said that the immediate past Nigerian President was currently struggling to settle some of his 2015 election liabilities.

    Dr. Igali, who made this startling revelation in an interactive session with some journalists, weekend, in Abuja, said that despite the allegations of corruption leveled against some of the officials and associates of Jonathan during his tenure as Nigeria’s president, he left his exalted position as a fulfilled man but insolvent, as compared to most of his retired predecessors.

    According to him, even with the corruption accusations against his regime, non of the corruption cases has so far been linked directly to the Jonathan.

    Hear him, “Am glad that some of you Journalists are privileged to know where he (Jonathan) lives and where he has his private offices in this country. I do not think president Jonathan can be considered a very rich man.

    “You must realize that none of those corruption allegations has been personally linked to him. Jonathan is not a rich man, take it from me. He may be comfortable but not rich. But l know that his pension as a former president is enough to take care of him.”

    Igali, who had served as Permanent Secretary in both Ministries of Power and Water Resources, described the ex-president as a “modest” man whose lifestyle and background were humble.

    Jonathan still paying election liabilities

    He said, “Indeed Jonathan is still struggling to pay some election liabilities from 2015 till today. Despite all the stories of flying billions, Jonathan borrowed money to prosecute some aspects of his election and he is struggling in different ways to meet up. There’s a lot of untruths that is being said about him, but l believe history will be very fair to him. He is a very simple man. His background and lifestyle are very simple. He is not jingoistic.

    “Thank God some of you guys know where he has an office and where he lives in Maitama. Which former president of Nigeria lives in that kind of place? President Jonathan’s parlour in his Maitama house can not accommodate more than ten persons.

    “Look at his dinning table, it is like any other house in Maitama. The only way you will know that a former president of this country is living there is the presence of security men and which he is entitled to as a former president.”

    The former Nigeria’s Ambassador to Sweden, Finland, Venezuela and Cameroon at different times, however expressed regrets over what he described as the way Jonathan’s regime was being discredited as if nothing good in terms of positive achievements for the country were done by his administration, maintaining that only God and history will vindicate the former president and his regime.

    Jonathan travels in commercial aircraft

    Igali, a prominent Ijaw political leader said, “As a former president, when Jonathan needs an aircraft, the federal government will give him particularly if he is going on an important official assignment.

    But if it is his private trip, he has to fend for himself. He travels on commercial aircraft but when it is not convenient for him that he has to rush to somewhere, Azikel Group helps him. The man is from the same Ogbia local government like him. He takes it as his duty to help him. I think we are quite grateful to Dr Iruani for helping Jonathan out all the time.”

    The former envoy further stated that “any time the former president wants to embark on urgent private travel especially, he was always being assisted by an Ijaw kinsman and wealthy businessman known as Dr Godbless Iruani of Azikel Group with his private jet or he goes on commercial flights like the other Nigerians.

    “I have witnessed occasions where Jonathan was begging him to make his aircraft available to him to enable him go to so so and so places. Sometimes the man will say, Okay Oga, can you fuel it? And Jonathan will laugh. It’s the Azikel Group that bails him out sometimes. Jonathan can not afford to charter an aircraft. What l am saying is not a lie, but people can believe what they like.

    “In Nigeria, people just believe all kinds of things and they believe Jonathan or everybody who have served in government is a billionaire. Sometimes when you tell them you don’t have money, they will laugh and say you are deceiving people. But we leave that to God. So all these big big money that are being mentioned is very funny.”

    Dr Igali who is a tropical Environmentalist, a Climate Change Advocate and a former Secretary to the Bayelsa State Government, however, pointed out that Jonathan is the most abused Nigeria’s president both in and out of power.

    He also stated some of them who are associates and officials of the former leader like himself, knew that their current travails would come.

    He recalled that, “Before Jonathan left power, he said he is the most abused president in Nigeria. I agree with him. As a public figure, he knows that all kinds of attacks on him will come. Like the great Winston Churchill of the United Kingdom whose contemporaries vilified him, history will bear him right.

    “He will, in no distant time, be venerated and celebrated, and his memory in this country and around the world will ever be remembered as a man of peace.

    Internationally recognized

    “The other day some people from the United Nations came to share thoughts on his peace and conflict resolution and management matters. He is a man of peace and history will remember him. The world has not seen this kind of thing in Africa.

    “Jonathan is the only president or major presidential candidate in the history of this country who refused to go to court to challenge his election result. He also ordered that posters of him should be removed everywhere around the country.

    “He said his ambition is not worth anybody’s blood and he lived up to his words. So whatever is happening to him now and to those people around him, we leave it to God because God rules in the affairs of men. No matter how dark the night is, there comes light at the end of the day.

    “Look at Cameroon where l served as a Nigerian Consul General, one man (President Paul Biya) has been there in power for over 40 years. The same with the case of Equatorial Guinea, Uganda, etc. But Jonathan peacefully left office without even a whimper. Like a sacrificial lamb, he just handed over power. How many Nigeria’s sitting presidents can do that? Let’s leave him, he’s fine. God will vindicate him.

    “So when he saw that people were going to injure themselves after the 2015 election if he challenged the result, he quietly decided to step out. Jonathan that l know is a gentleman. This country gave him the opportunity to be president. How many Nigerians enjoyed that opportunity?

    “He came to solve problems as president of Nigeria and he did his best. History will judge him accordingly, not man. If anybody thought he was giving Jonathan problem or wants to malign him now, it is between him and God.

    “A man that avoided bloodshed in this country, you think God will forget him. Thousands of people in this country could have died if he had resisted or challenged that 2015 election result, but he just saved the nation all that avoidable calamity and worked away.

    “You locked up the people that worked with him and you think God will just forget him. So let us watch and see! God is the one who gives power. This country has been fair to Jonathan and allowed him to rule and he has done his bits and left office.

    “The fall-outs, the attacks and the vilification of his name will be judged by God Almighty. All those kind of things will come. Whoever thinks he can play God is wasting his time because only God rules in the affairs of men. Any man who goes into public office should be able to fortify himself spiritually because storms will come. Lies, blackmails and scandals will surely come his way”, Igali stated

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  • PDP flays ex-National Legal Adviser Olusola Oke’s return to APC

    PDP flays ex-National Legal Adviser Olusola Oke’s return to APC

    Peter Dada, Akure

    The Ondo State chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party has lambasted Mr. Olusola Oke for returning to the All Progressives Congress.

    Oke, a former National Legal Adviser of the PDP, left the APC after the September 3, 2016 primary of the party, for the Alliance for Democracy on the platform of which he contested the November 20, 2016 governorship election eventually won by incumbent governor, Mr. Rotimi Akeredolu.

    Oke, who returned to the APC last Thursday, said he took the decision “to assist Governor Akeredolu to develop Ondo State.”

    In a statement issued on Sunday by the Director of Publicity of the PDP, Mr. Ayo Fadaka, the opposition party expressed disappointment about Olusola Oke’s latest political move.

    In the statement, the PDP noted that Nigerians were tired of the administration of the APC, saying it was wrong for Oke to have returned to the ruling party when it has lost its popularity all over the country.

    The statement read in part, “We are disappointed that a politician of Olusola Oke’s status, nurtured in the traditions of political piety while in our party, can continue to immerse himself into this ludicrous APC…

    “We wonder how Sola Oke does not know that the nation is only waiting with bated breath for the next day at the ballots, to cast off the yoke of his new party.”

    However, Oke’s media aide, Mr. Rotimi Ogunleye, said the PDP was disappointed with Oke’s return to the APC because he refused to return to the PDP after much appeal by its leadership.

    He said, “I sympathise with them (PDP) because their frustration flows from the fact that the PDP leaders had persistently mounted pressure on Chief Oke, begging and appealing to him to come and help them revive their dying party in Ondo State.”

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  • 2019: We’re waiting for President’s directives – Adesina

    2019: We’re waiting for President’s directives – Adesina

    —-Says Buhari ‘ll perfect electoral reform
    By Johnbosco Agbakwuru

    ABUJA – AHEAD of the 2019 general elections, Special Adviser to the President on Media and Publicity, Chief Femi Adesina, has said that the aides of President Muhammadu Buhari were still waiting for him to declare his ambition on the 2019 general elections.

    Mr Femi Adesina, Special Adviser To The President, Media & Publicity acknowleding greetings from the Mmaku community after receiving chieftaincy title “Nwanne Di na mba’’ of Mmaku Kingdom, Enugu State during 1st Grand Ofala Festival Of HRH Igwe Cyprain Nevobasi, Igwe Omeluenyi 1 Of Agunnese, Ezeani 111 Of Nmaku Kingdom.. Mmaku, Enugu State,

    Adesina, who was recently conferred with the Chieftaincy title of “Nwanne Di Na Mba” (Brother outside home) in Enugu State also said that President Buhari has assured the country that he will bequeath free and fair election to Nigerians, adding that the President has started implementing the promise as evidenced in recent elections conducted in some parts of the country.

    Fielding question in Abuja on what Buhari was thinking about the 2019 elections as well as the President’s personal ambition, the presidential spokesman said Buhari’s main concern was on how to leave behind the legacy of free, fair and credible elections.

    He said, “About election, the president has always said, he said it publicly before but those of us who are his aides when we talk we reiterate it that if it is the only thing he does, he wants to give free and fair elections to the country, elections that are acceptable.

    “And you would have noticed that since this government came, there have been elections APC (All Progressives Congress) didn’t have to win.

    “It was not like that in the past when a certain party was in power. They won all the elections that held in states.

    “But you saw Anambra. Just this weekend, (two weeks ago) you saw a senatorial election there. Some months ago, in November, you saw the governorship election. If APC had wanted to overrun Anambra using federal might, it would do and it would win the election.

    “Election had held in Bayelsa under this administration, APC didn’t do it. Ondo, APC won fair and square. Kogi, it won fair and square. Where APC wins, it wins. Where it loses, it loses. That’s the attitude of the president. Your party doesn’t have to win by hook or crook.

    “So, he says if it is the last thing he does, he will leave free and fair elections for Nigeria. So, he will bequeath free and fair election to Nigeria and that is happening.

    “Then, talking of his own personal ambition or lack of it, we have to wait until he blows the whistle. You can’t start a race until the whistle is blown. So, when he blows the whistle and say ‘yes, this is my ambition,’ then, the race start.

    “So, for now, we just say that we keep waiting on him to tell us what direction to go.”

    Also on suggestion in some quarters that President Buhari should adopt Nelson Mandela option of just four years only and leave the scene, Adesina said in democracy people were free to air their views but the President also has the right of choice as guaranteed in the constitution.

    He said, “Of course, this is a democracy. People will always have a right to their opinion. You know one thing about democracy is that there is multiplicity of opinion. So, those who believe in the Mandela option, it is their right. And it is also the right of the president to run or not to run. So, you don’t abridge the right of anybody under a democracy.”

    On the recent report that the President has appointed the Minister of Transportation, Rotimi Amaechi as the Director General, DG of his campaign, Adesina said that such appointment was only made when someone has presented himself as a candidate.

    He said, “Well, me I believe that things like DG will come when you have become a candidate. If the president steps into the fray now, he’s an aspirant just like any other aspirant. Having a DG comes when you become a candidate of the party.”

    On whether the President performance can guarantee him a second term, he said that there were indices that the President has delivered to the people.

    According to him, “I believe that if the president wants to run, he can run. I will support him. I will always support him any day.

    “Then, has he done enough? More than enough. In fact, a second term will give him chance to consolidate on what he has done.

    “The things he has done are apparent: security, despite the challenges of the moment, you can’t rule out what he has done in security. Economy: economy went into recession, stayed there just for one year, it has come out and the indices are are good.

    “Even the World Bank has projected 2.5% growth for Nigeria this year. So, in the economy, the government is doing well. The economy is like a plane with its nose up. As long as you have a plane with its nose up when it’s taking off, it’s good news.

    “Anti-corruption, no friend, no foe. That goes on.

    “So, those three things he appointed for himself, one, to secure the country, two, to fight corruption, three, to revive the economy, they are going well.”

    Also commenting on the health challenge of the President, he said, “Yes. Health is wealth. The president is not a frivolous person. If he thinks that his health cannot carry anything, he will not do it. So, of course, his health will matter a lot. It will be very important but we need to give the glory to God for the way he is now.

    “Every day you see the president, you see a glow about him, you see a freshness about him. I think he’s even in a better state than when he came in 2015. It’s all to the glory of God.

    “So, once he assesses that his health can carry it, there’s nothing wrong if he steps into the fray. But he had the final decision.”

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  • Buhari should demand an apology from Trump over shithole comments — Oyebode

    Buhari should demand an apology from Trump over shithole comments — Oyebode

    A professor of International Law and Jurisprudence at the University of Lagos, Akin Oyebode, tells TOBI AWORINDE that Nigerians should not forgive United States President Donald Trump’s disparaging rhetoric

    What are your thoughts on the United States President, Donald Trump, reportedly describing African countries as shithole countries?

    That is characteristic of Donald J. Trump, even before he was elected. He had a history of racism, although he would deny it as he denies everything. He would say he is not a racist, but actions speak louder than words. There was a time he refused to let out some of his property to black people, giving instructions to his realtor that he wouldn’t want black tenants in some of his buildings. If that is not racism, I don’t know what is, forgetting that his father came all the way from Germany. But even his father had belonged to the Ku Klux Klan. His father was a racist; he advertised his racist peccadilloes by belonging to the KKK. So, he is the son of an immigrant. It’s only the mother that came from England. So, he is the last person to pontificate because he did not arrive in America on the Mayflower. When we talk of coming on the Mayflower in America, we are talking of those that came in the 17th Century. The Mayflower was the ship that the immigrants came on. So, we know his antecedents.

    In fact, everybody is still trying to come to grips with the fact that Trump is the president of the US. It is one big mistake for America and I think most Americans are now regretting that Trump is their president. He has been addressing his base, his core redneck supporters by making statements that would find resonance with those who support him. He had been talking about ‘America first.’ For me, that is very ethnocentric and chauvinistic, in fact, and his notion of America is White Anglo Saxon Protestant. He’s not interested in Mexicans, Africans, brown people like Latinos and Chicanos. Like he told the Norwegian prime minister, ‘We want people from your country’. I read a tweet by a Norwegian that said, ‘Who would leave Norway where you have medical care and all sorts of things to go and suffer in America?’ I think it’s a big mistake for Americans that they have someone like Trump as their president.

    On the day of the election, I did an analysis on a TV programme and I was so hard on him, only to come home and face my daughter. She said, ‘You were too hard and harsh on Trump. Do you know that he attended my university?’ Two of my kids attended the same university that Trump attended, the University of Pennsylvania. I asked, ‘Did he go to UPenn?’ She said yes. He went to UPenn, an Ivy League school, and he brags about it on TV: ‘I have the best education that money can buy’. His daughter, Ivanka, also went to UPenn. So, it tells you that there’s a lot wrong with Trump. When a man starts telling his children, ‘Don’t you know I’m your father?’ you know he has a problem. When he (Trump) keeps saying he’s smarter than anybody else, he’s been adjudged to live up to 200 years, he has a problem. Let us be the judge of that.

    So, he’s consumed by ego; his ego must be constantly massaged, and whoever does not want to be part of the ‘hallelujah chorus,’ he will see as a peddler of fake news and all sorts of things. Trump is misbegotten as a leader. He has put America down so much all over the world, such that people wonder, ‘How did Americans, with their eyes wide open, put a man like that in the White House. Forget of course that he did not get the majority vote. Three and a half million Americans did not vote for him, but the Electoral College, the way it’s structured in America, makes a minority candidate become president because of the way they have computed the weighted votes they put in the various colleges.

    If you consider the statement independently, do you think Nigeria has exhibited the qualities of a ‘shithole’ country?

    I am saying really that the statement is unfortunate, but it is more than that. It’s a tragedy for the US to have somebody like Trump in the White House. He is full of nepotism. He is full of, as I said, redneck mentality. Even though he claims to have grown up in Queens, New York, it didn’t pass through him because New York is one of the cosmopolitan states in America. But you notice that he is drunk on his money. He inherited a fortune from his father, who was a millionaire, but he said he has added a lot on what he inherited that he is now one of the greatest billionaires, although the jury is still out on whether he is really a billionaire because he won’t let people see his tax returns; he won’t disclose it. People say he was nearing bankruptcy and that he’s living on past glory.

    Regarding the last insult that he called us a ‘shithole’ people, on our faculty WhatsApp group, I said, ‘Who knows it feels it’. He himself is shit; that is why he can identify a shithole. How can you insult a whole continent? There are over 30,000 Nigerian physicians in the US. There is practically no university worth its name in the US without a Nigerian professor. So, we’ve paid our dues. We are not scrounging.

    He even insulted us before then that ‘once a Nigerian has seen the US, he would not want to go back to his hut’. He does not know that the middle class here, at least, are not living in huts. We are enlightened. If you take me personally, I left Harvard Law School 43 years ago and I came back home. My children went to UPenn for their Master’s degrees in law. They are here in Nigeria; they didn’t stay back. My son was admitted to the New York bar but he practises downtown (in Lagos) with a top law firm. It’s not every Nigeria that is anxious to go and get lost in America.

    You know what Wole Soyinka did: he threw away the green card and came back. So, there are decent, self-respecting Nigerians that would not, because of the shit that Trump was going to heap on them, keep quiet. My friends in America have been asking, ‘When are you coming to visit?’ and I told them they should forget it. I am not going to America for as long as Trump is in the White House because I won’t take any insult. I went to their best university for Christ’s sake. If Nigerians are so unworthy, how come we go to their best universities?

    Is there a way for the countries Trump allegedly disparaged to protest?

    They have been protesting as individual countries. The African Union has also protested. The South Africans have registered the diplomatic protest. Some countries (have spoken out) — I understand Senegal, Botswana, Ghana (although Ghana is now saying they have not really spoken), and Nigeria better late than never. It was already past midnight when Nigeria spoke. Nigeria, being the largest concentration of black people anywhere in the world, one would have expected Nigeria to react almost immediately; but because of local politics and the weakness of our President — because he needs a lot of favour from Trump — he couldn’t talk. And what he said was ‘jelly-jelly’. He should have summoned the Nigerian ambassador from the US to show his disgust. You recall him and then you call the US ambassador. I understand he is not around, so they called the chargé d’affaires for a ‘dressing-down’. But it wasn’t a real dressing-down. It was too diplomatic; the diplomatese was fulsome. He (Buhari) should let America be in the know, not be in any doubt that Nigerians are angry and we should demand an apology. I’m not sure Nigeria has gone to that extent. I know the AU has. People have been reacting. The least we could have was to recall our ambassador.

    They (the US) wanted to give us some aircraft — some attack planes. They don’t have a monopoly, like the Pakistanis just showed. Pakistan just sold us five aircraft, which, through Swedish intervention, they had created for the Pakistanis. You can shop for weapons, from jet bombers to tear gas, all over the world. The Russian gunships are very effective. If the Americans refuse to sell, we can go to Russia and purchase their weapons. They (the US) could not give us the Apache choppers that we wanted to use to fight Boko Haram. Believe it or not, it was (former President Barack) Obama that denied us the sale.

    But you see, one is not totally surprised at the weak-kneed response of Nigeria because when you have a country in disarray as we have now, you can’t prosecute a radical or dynamic foreign policy. Foreign policy is a continuation of domestic politics. With Boko Haram, Fulani herdsmen and all sorts, as I said, the country is in disarray. You can’t make noises internationally. People would say, ‘The joke is on you. Physician, heal thyself’. We have not taken care of business. In fact, I have read comments in the papers saying Nigeria is really a shithole and that it should be a wake-up call.

    So, you disagree with those who believe Nigeria and other African countries have earned the ‘shithole’ name tag?

    Even if that is the case, and I am saying that hypothetically without conceding, it does not lie in the mouth of the US President to count, as the Yoruba would say, the ninth fingers on our hands. You don’t pour scorn. It’s painful that we are underdeveloped and underperforming, but they are adding insult to injury. That any white man — a hunkie, to call Donald Trump by what he should be called — would remind us that black people are children of lesser gods; it does not lie in his mouth. He said he is a professional wedge man; he has driven a wedge between Africa, the ancestral lands of the significant part of African-Americans. Majority of them came from Nigeria. I’m talking of their great-great-grandparents. They used to call in history our part of Africa the Slave Coast because we exported more slaves than any other part of Africa to the Americas. So, ancestrally, African-Americans have great connections with Nigeria. Even though we didn’t have the slave castle like (Fort) Christiansborg, we don’t have Gorée and all those things, we know the computation of how many slaves from these parts. Between, say 1623 and 1773, we had two and a quarter million Africans that were catapulted from Nigeria to the New World.

    There was a time we had a strong reparations movement. The late Chief MKO Abiola (God bless his soul) sponsored a conference in 1991 at the Nigerian Institute of International Affairs that America needed to pay us reparations for the travesty and the crimes against humanity that was perpetrated against us. They have not even entered an apologia, a mea culpa — ‘we are sorry.’ That is the least America owes us, to apologise for the perfidy perpetrated against our ancestors by translocating, shipping millions of our fellow Africans to work on the sugarcane and cotton plantations in the New World. So, we have a grievance and we know our history.

    As for the Nigerians who are celebrating Trump, during the Indigenous People of Biafra days, some of the demonstrators were celebrating the election of Trump that he was going to read the riot act to Nigeria and that he was their friend, but those are ignoramuses. If you are a self-respecting African and you know where you are coming from, you won’t be awarding medals to somebody who has abused your ancestors, except you’re a masochist. But the rest of us are not amused.

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  • List of all Registered Political Parties, their Headquarters addresses and Principal Officers

    List of all Registered Political Parties, their Headquarters addresses and Principal Officers

    1. A Accord
    National Chairman: Hon. Mohammad Lawal Nalado
    National Secretary: Hon. Nurudeen O. Adisa
    National Treasurer: Mr. Micheal O. Lerama
    National Financial Secretary: Hon. Joseph E. Ijeh
    National Legal Adviser: Barr. Maxwell Ngbudem
    Address: Plot 488 , 7 Yauri Street, Area 3, Garki Abuja
    Phone Number: 08037038325
    Accord” was never registered as “Accord PARTY”, AP. It is simply and just “Accord, A.

    2. AA Action Alliance
    National Chairman: Barr. Udeze Kenneth
    National Secretary: James A. Vernimbe
    National Treasurer: Ekong Effiom
    National Financial Secretary: Chief Eze Nwoke
    National Legal Adviser: Esq. Anaukyaa Mnenge Peter
    Address: Plot 1977 Orlu Street, Area 3, Garki, Abuja.
    Email: [email protected] com
    Phone Number: 07067277005 / 08036351061

    3. ABP All Blending Party
    National Chairman: Hon. Moses Godia Shipi
    National Secretary: Uzong George Moses
    National Treasurer: Alheri Moses
    National Financial Secretary: Mrs. Eyiomo Josephine Eyeremi
    National Legal Adviser: Barr. Chikadibia Princewill Senior Maduka
    Address: Plot 614, Zone B, Apo Resettlement, Abuja
    Phone Number: 08171902205; 07036438020

    4. ACD Advanced Congress Of Democrats
    National Chairman: Ag. Peter Blavo
    National Secretary: Ag. Rev. Onwuruya Breakforth
    National Treasurer: Alh. M. Adamu Takai
    National Financial Secretary: Hon. Anthony Amuka
    National Legal Adviser: Barr. Pwarigon William
    Address: Suite C7, Patsy Plaza, After RCC Building, Along Jabi Road, Jabi-Abuja
    Phone Number: 07035821690

    5. ACPN Allied Congress Party of Nigeria
    National Chairman: Alh. Ganiyu O. Galadima
    National Secretary: Mr Paul Isamade
    National Treasurer: Chief Angus Uzoamaka
    National Financial Secretary: ?
    National Legal Adviser: Bar, Jide Ayenibiowo
    Address: Suite D402, Global Plaza, Plot 366, Obafemi Awolowo Way, Jabi Upstairs, Jabi – Abuja
    Phone Number: 08038313424

    6. AD Alliance For Democracy
    National Chairman: Chief Joseph Avazi
    National Secretary: Mr. Fasogbon P. Akinboye
    National Treasurer: Mr. Ubong Johnson
    National Financial Secretary:
    National Legal Adviser: Mr. Kehinde Aworele
    Address: 4 Aba Close, Area 8, Garki, Abuja
    Phone Number: 08164495673 and 07065850881

    7. ADC African Democratic Congress
    National Chairman: Chief Ralph Okey Nwosu
    National Secretary: Alh. Sa’id Baba Abdullahi
    National Treasurer: Mr. Cavin Alagoa
    National Financial Secretary: Mrs. Ifeyinwa Ntima
    National Legal Adviser: Barr. Ujunwa L. Onwuasoeze
    Address: No. 1 Capital Plaza, Nyanyan-Kuru Road, Abuja.
    Phone Number: 08059969415

    8. ADP Action Democratic Party
    National Chairman: Engr. Yabayi V. Sani
    National Secretary: Dr. James Okoroma
    National Treasurer: Chief Hon. Declan J. Ogar
    National Financial Secretary: Salami Akeem Temitope
    National Legal Adviser: Bichi Obadiah Joseph
    Address: Plot 3379A, Mungo Park CLose, Off Jesse Jackson Asokoro New Extension-Abuja
    Phone Number: 08033001274

    9. AGA All Grassroots Alliance
    National Chairman: Hon. Dr. Olukayode Oshiariyo
    National Secretary: Prince Julius Ikenna Joseph Otiji
    National Treasurer: Rev. Dr. Mrs. Amuzie James Helen Ngozi
    National Financial Secretary: Hajia Zainab
    National Legal Adviser: Barr. Emmanuel Agbaye
    Address: Suites 23A-25A Kaitta Mafayas Office Complex, Zone 4, Gwagwalada, FCT. Abuja
    Phone Number: 08037870421; 08063844816

    10. AGAP All Grand Alliance Party
    National Chairman: Engr. Okey Chikwendu
    National Secretary: Idu Agbo Emmanuel
    National Treasurer: Abdulsalam Abdu
    National Financial Secretary: Durojaiye Abdulazeez A.
    National Legal Adviser: Ojobor Ndubuisi V.
    Address: Plot 586, David Jemibewon Crescent, Gudu District-Abuja
    Phone Number: 08033802712

    11. ANN Alliance for New Nigeria
    National Chairman: Dr. Jay Osi Samuel
    National Secretary: Daura Abdulnasser
    National Treasurer: ?
    National Financial Secretary: Oladipo Akande
    National Legal Adviser: Benjamin Nwaokenye
    Address: 20, Durban Street, Wuse 11, Abuja
    Phone Number: 08038092478; 08037867880

    12. ANRP Abundant Nigeria Renewal Party
    National Chairman: Tope Kolade Fasua
    National Secretary: Eberechukwu Christian Okonkwo
    National Treasurer: Jafeda Wabac (Ms)
    National Financial Secretary: Abdul Mumuryi Azi
    National Legal Adviser: Dennis Emamope Omopojor
    Address: Plot 1483, Km 27, Umaru Musa Yar’Adua Carriage way, Airport Road Lugbe Ext., Abuja
    Phone Number: 08033110760; 08067766877

    13. APA African Peoples Alliance
    Ag. National Chairman: Emmanuel Urhuarhovie
    National Secretary: Samaila Umar Sifawa
    National Treasurer: Engr. Usman Aliyu Girei
    National Financial Secretary: Alh. Abdulrazak Bello
    National Legal Adviser: Barr. Samuel Abidan
    Address: 7 Yauri Street, Area 3, Garki, Abuja
    Phone Number: 08033493571

    14. APC All Progressives Congress
    National Chairman: Chief John Odigie-Oyegun
    National Secretary: Mai Mala Buni
    National Treasurer: Mohammed Gwargwawa
    National Financial Secretary: Alh. Tajudeen Bello
    National Legal Adviser: Barr. Muiz Banire
    Address: No. 40 Blantyre Street, Wuse II, Abuja
    Phone Number: 08033345691

    15. APDA Advanced Peoples Democratic Alliance
    National Chairman: Mohammed Shittu Kabiru
    National Secretary: Dr. Emeka F. Okengwu
    National Treasurer: Chief Mrs Olasinmi A.
    National Financial Secretary: Margaret Seember Mchivga
    National Legal Adviser: Barr. (Mrs) Augusta Eradiri
    Address: No. 10 Fandriana Close, Off Oda Crescent, Off Daaresalam St, Behind Glo office, Wuse II-Abuja
    Phone Number: 08095900111

    16. APGA All Progressives Grand Alliance
    National Chairman: Dr. Victor Ikechukwu Oye
    National Secretary: Mr. Labaran Maku
    National Treasurer: Hon. Damian Ozurumba
    National Financial Secretary: Alh. Garba Ibrahim Carefor
    National Legal Adviser: Barr. Ifeanyi Mbaeri
    Address: 41b Libreville Crescent , Opp. Tulip Press, Aminu Kano Crescent , Wuse 11, Abuja .
    Phone Number: 08035897127

    17. APP African Peoples Party
    National Chairman: Ikeagwuomu Onyinye
    National Secretary: Abu Ibrahim Sossan
    National Treasurer: Shehu Bewa Joja
    National Financial Secretary: Abdullahi Usman
    National Legal Adviser: Ozuruonye Nnenna Cordelia
    Address: ?
    Phone Number: 08034913080

    18. BNPP Better Nigeria Progressive Party
    National Chairman: Prof. Godswill Iheanyi chukwu Nnaji
    National Secretary: Alh. Iliyasu Abdu Barde
    National Treasurer: Ejimozor Obinna John
    National Financial Secretary: Babatunde Omolosho Tayo
    National Legal Adviser: Barr. Ngozi Nwodo Ibekwe
    Address: Block 5, Lokoja Street Area 8 Garki Abuja
    Phone Number: 08037881988, 07066451244

    19. C4C Coalition for Change
    National Chairman: Rt. Hon. Dr. Geff Chizee Ojinika
    National Secretary: Peter Ogbaje Paul
    National Treasurer: Oludolapo Mercy Adeyanju
    National Financial Secretary: Alome Dominic Oluwa
    National Legal Adviser: Onyekuru Alex Ikechukwu
    Address: Block 3, No. 49 Lake Chad Crescent, Maitama, Abuja
    Phone Number: 08033273950; 08077855110

    20. DA Democratic Alternative
    National Chairman: Prince frank Ukonga
    National Secretary: Hon. Aishat Abdulsalam
    National Treasurer: Pastor Rueben Igboji
    National Financial Secretary: Rev Peter Adebiyi
    National Legal Adviser: Barr. Simon Imoisi & Co
    Address: Suite 2/031 Area 1 Shopping Complex, Area 1, Garki Abuja
    Phone Number: 08023423470

    21. DPC Democratic Peoples Congress
    National Chairman: Rev. Olusegun Peters
    National Secretary: Alh Mohammed Lawal
    National Treasurer: Alh Musa Zunairu Dikko
    National Financial Secretary: ?
    National Legal Adviser: ?
    Address: Global Plaza, Plot 366, Obafemi Awolowo Way, Jabi-Abuja
    Phone Number: 08038308479

    22. DPP Democratic Peoples Party
    National Chairman: Chief Benson Gershon
    National Secretary: Abdullah D. Mohammed
    National Treasurer: ?
    Ag. National Financial Secretary: Aliyu Usman
    National Legal Adviser: Barr. Lanre Falola
    Address: No. 1 Nouakchott Street Zone 1, Wuse, Abuja FCT
    Phone Number: 08033381764, 08126850151

    23. FJP Freedom and Justice Party
    National Chairman: Dr. Onwubuya John Abraham
    National Secretary: Aisha Amina Mohammed Eleyo
    National Treasurer: Chioma Obot
    National Financial Secretary: Dawodu Adetunji Success (JP)
    National Legal Adviser: Omar Musa
    Address: Glass House 3 & 4 Anon Plaza Gudu District, FCT, Abuja
    Phone Number: 09054546328; 08037003214

    24. FRESH Fresh Democratic Party
    National Chairman: Rev. Chris Okotie
    National Secretary: Mr Fela Binutu
    National Treasurer: ?
    National Financial Secretary: ?
    National Legal Adviser: Barr. Kola Dopamu
    Address: No. 4 Parhe Close, Aguiyi Ironsi Street, Maitama, Abuja.
    Phone Number: 08033651678

    25. GDPN Grassroots Development Party of Nigeria
    National Chairman: Amb. Odion Cedrack Okpebholo
    National Secretary: Ismaila Shauzaza
    National Treasurer: Ojo Abiola Helen (Mrs.)
    National Financial Secretary: Hon. James Rugu
    National Legal Adviser: Barrister Stephen Jube Zira
    Address: Nino House, No. 1, Engr. Linus Okpebholo Street, Off Bwari Dutse, FCT
    Phone Number: 07039889441; 08052281862

    26. GPN Green Party of Nigeria
    National Chairman: Chief Sam Eke
    National Secretary: Hajara Ishaku
    National Treasurer: Mrs. Adebesin Bosede
    National Financial Secretary: Hadiza Mali
    National Legal Adviser: Barr. Olenka Udenze
    Address: No, 5 Church Avenue, Old School Bus Stop, Orozo-Karshi Road, FCT Abuja.
    Phone Number: 08065933765 and 08027142078

    27. HDP Hope Democratic Party
    National Chairman: Chief Ambrose A. Owuru
    National Secretary: ?
    National Treasurer: ?
    National Financial Secretary: ?
    National Legal Adviser: ?
    Address: Plot 43 Gwarinpa Estate, Abuja.
    Phone Number: 080511776052, 08033122272

    28. ID Independent Democrats
    National Chairman: Edozie Madu
    National Secretary: Tobi Adeniyi
    National Treasurer: Ahanmisi Izegwuma Abigail
    National Financial Secretary: Whetode Desire
    National Legal Adviser: Charles Ibeh
    Address: 1385C Gurara Street, Off IBB Way, Maitama, Abuja
    Phone Number: 08065800000

    29. JMPP Justice Must Prevail Party
    National Chairman: Dr. Sarah Nnadzwa Jubril (Mrs.)
    National Secretary: Kola Kazeem Saliu
    National Treasurer: Dr. Okereke Ejikeme E.
    National Financial Secretary: Mohammed S. B Yahaya
    National Legal Adviser: Barr. Charles Ogboli
    Address: No. 2 Calabar Street, Opp. Naval Headquarters, Area 7, Garki, Abuja.
    Phone Number: 09071837163; 08023729503

    30. KP Kowa Party
    National Chairman: Alhaji Saidu Bobboi
    National Secretary: Mark Adebayo
    National Treasurer: Abdullahi Dahiru Bala
    National Financial Secretary: Chinyere Egbo Anni
    National Legal Adviser: Barr. Dan Onyeonagu
    Address: 129 Corner Shop, Beside Total Filling Station, Fed. Housing Est., Lugbe, Abuja
    Phone Number: 08033354443

    31. LP Labour Party
    **National Chairman Alh. Abdulkadir Abdulsalam (Baraden Paiko) now Dr Mike Omotoso though not yet reflected on INEC website.
    National Secretary Julius Aburi (Acting)
    National Treasurer Mrs. Oluchi Operah
    National Financial Secretary Hajiya Hadiza Kishimi
    National Legal Adviser Barr. Akingbade Oyelekan
    Address: Dabo Shopping Mall, 2nd Floor, Plot 73 Ladoke Akintola Boulevard, Garki, Abuja .
    Phone Number: 08033005810, 08033154349

    32. LPN Legacy Party of Nigeria
    National Chairman: Ahmed Mustpha Wushishi
    National Secretary: Onwuchelwa Onwuchelwa
    National Treasurer: Usman Musa
    National Financial Secretary: Awojobi Akuladi Waheem
    National Legal Adviser: Hussaini Omar Garba
    Address: Flat 4, No 47 Yaounde Street, Zone 6, Wuse, Abuja
    Phone Number: 08132825108; 08038932775

    33. MAJA Mass Action Joint Alliance
    National Chairman: Chief Mrs. Chika Ibeneme
    National Secretary: Prince Gordon Attai
    National Treasurer: Otunba Femi Soluade
    National Financial Secretary: Hon. Guwo Lawan Abba
    National Legal Adviser: Mrs. Chizim Chinda Glory
    Address: House No. 24, Road 15, Efab City Estate, Life Camp, Abuja
    Phone Number: 08033264278; 08032350671

    34. MDP Modern Democratic Party
    National Chairman: Adebukunyi Olateru-Olagbegi
    National Secretary: Adetoro Adetoun Fowoshere
    National Treasurer: Abayomi Olofinwa
    National Financial Secretary: Ibrahim Khahil Ahmed
    National Legal Adviser: Ogunpe Olatunji
    Address: Suite B19 Discovery Mall Adeola Adetokunbo Wuse 11, Abuja
    Phone Number: 08093894841; 08080805809

    35. MMN Masses Movement of Nigeria
    National Chairman: ?
    National Secretary: ?
    National Treasurer: ?
    National Financial Secretary: ?
    National Legal Adviser: ?
    Address: ?
    Phone Number: ?

    36. MPPP Mega Progressive Peoples Party
    National Chairman: Ag. Hon. Hamisu Santuraki
    National Secretary Ag, Mohammed S. Kanze
    National Treasurer J.P Ishaku Dallo
    National Financial Secretary Sanni A. Kanlari
    National Legal Adviser Barr. Oguntimering Adelaja
    Address 1st Avenue, House 53, FHA, Lugbe, Abuja.
    Phone Number 07030147731

    37. NAC National Action Council
    National Chairman: Dr. Olapade Agoro
    National Secretary Mr. Joshua Shitta
    National Treasurer: ?
    National Financial Secretary: ?
    National Legal Adviser: ?
    Address: ?
    Phone Number: ?

    38. NCP National Conscience Party
    National Chairman: Yunusa Tanko
    National Secretary: Ayodele Akele
    National Treasurer: V.C. Odumejemba Esq
    National Financial Secretary: Amina Mohammed
    National Legal Adviser: Barr. Jonathan Edehbru
    Address: 1, Younde Street, Wuse Zone 6, Abuja
    Phone Number: 08033144131

    39. NDCP Nigeria Democratic Congress Party
    National Chairman: Charles Idehen
    National Secretary: Abdulkareem Salisu Matori
    National Treasurer: Esther Nkese Nya Effiom
    National Financial Secretary: Peacock Ise Ogbebor
    National Legal Adviser: Oluwaseto Oluseto Franklin
    Address: 28 Tunis Street Wuse Zone 6
    Phone Number: 09025288682, 08137855974

    40. NDLP National Democratic Liberty Party
    National Chairman: Alh. Umar Mohammed Maizabura
    National Secretary: Chief Agomoyo
    National Treasurer:
    National Financial Secretary:
    National Legal Adviser:
    Phone Number:

    41. NEPP Nigeria Elements Progressive Party
    National Chairman: ?
    National Secretary: ?
    National Treasurer: ?
    National Financial Secretary:
    National Legal Adviser
    Phone Number

    42. NGP New Generation Party of Nigeria
    National Chairman: Dr. Yakubu Shendam
    National Secretary: Alh. Mohammed Abdu
    National Treasurer: Alexander Naalong Danjuma
    National Financial Secretary: Alh. Shettima Naramai
    National Legal Adviser: Gbehe Cornelius Aondowase
    Address: No 9B, 61/63 Road, Aliko Dangote Crescent, Gwarinpa-Abuja
    Phone Number: 08184995001, 08060519785

    43. NIP National Interest Party
    National Chairman: Atuedide Eunice Uche Julian
    National Secretary: Oluwafikayo Seun Adeyemi
    National Treasurer: Hadiza Hussien Abdullahi
    National Financial Secretary: Abdulkadir Bello Ahmed
    National Legal Adviser: Sani Abass
    Address: Suite 101, NCWS Building, Area 11, Garki, FCT, Abuja
    Phone Number: 08144246272; 08034888493

    44. NNPP New Nigeria Peoples Party
    National Chairman: Dr. B.O Aniebonam
    National Secretary: Major Gilbert Agbo
    National Treasurer: Nasir A. Abubakar
    National Financial Secretary: Eugene Nweke
    National Legal Adviser: Bar. Nura Abdullahi
    Address: Plot MF 01, SDP Layout City, Centre Plaza, Suit G.F.01, Cadastral Area, Behind Noble Height Academy , Karu FCT, Abuja.
    Phone Number: 08037133594

    45. NPC Nigeria Peoples Congress
    National Chairman: Barr. Suleiman Ahmed Akasawua
    National Secretary: Abdulmalik Abdulrahman
    National Treasurer: Olayinka Olajide
    National Financial Secretary: Nelson Samuel
    National Legal Adviser: Barr. Timothy Kyuga
    Address: Peace Park Suite D4/5 Plot 749, Utako Abuja
    Phone Number: 08035963971

    46. NPM New Progressive Movement
    National Chairman: Mustapha Bala Getso
    National Secretary: Umma Abdullahi
    National Treasurer: Eze Charles Chinedu
    National Financial Secretary: Gift Yusuf Shallangwa
    National Legal Adviser: Barr. Folorunsho Olufemi
    Address: Hillside Plaza, 2nd Floor, Room A202 AYA Junction, Asokoro, Abuja
    Phone Number: 08033668262; 07037477315

    47. NRM National Rescue Movement
    National Chairman: Sen. Saidu Muhammed Dansadau
    National Secretary: Barr. Chinedum Odenyi
    National Treasurer: Umar Mustapha
    National Financial Secretary: Aliyu Safiyanu
    National Legal Adviser: Olayinka Adebola Abiose
    Address: Plot 188 American International School Rd, Off Oladipo Diva Express way by Games Village, Durumi District, Abuja
    Phone Number: 08033117340; 08037038721

    48. NUP National Unity Party
    National Chairman: Chief Perry Opara
    National Secretary: ?
    National Treasurer: ?
    National Financial Secretary
    National Legal Adviser
    Phone Number: ?

    49. PANDEL People’s Alliance for National Development & Liberty
    National Chairman: Amb. Abah Lewis Elaigwu
    National Secretary: Elder Mike Omohimua
    National Treasurer: Kantiok Peter Luke
    National Financial Secretary: Effiong Akpan Okoro
    National Legal Adviser: Barr. Joe Kekong
    Address: 9 Abdou Diof Off Kwame Nkruma St, Asokoro, Abuja, Nigeria
    Phone Number: 08176558660, 08023500479

    50. PDC People For Democratic Change
    National Chairman: Alhaji Mudi M. Waziri
    National Secretary: Barr. Benjamin Emeka Igwe
    National Treasurer: Chief Udo Uduak Asuquo
    National Financial Secretary: Charles Okoroafor
    National Legal Adviser Barr. Ayo Omoleupon
    Address: 2 Bitou Street, off parakou strrt, off Aminu Kano Crescent, Wuse 2, Abuja
    Phone Number; 08023645376

    51. PDM Peoples Democratic Movement
    National Chairman: Bashir Yusuf Ibrahim
    National Secretary: Dr. Joseph O. Akinwumi
    National Treasurer: Gagogo Emmanuel
    National Financial Secretary: Aku Cecilia Betzom
    National Legal Adviser: Barr. Kabiru Umaru Dodo
    Address: 72 Mississippi Street, Maitama – Abuja
    Phone Number: 08082678233

    52. PDP Peoples Democratic Party
    National Chairman: Prince Uche Secondus
    National Secretary:
    National Treasurer:
    National Financial Secretary:
    National Legal Adviser:
    Address Wadata Plaza , Michael Okpara Way , Zone 5, Wuse, Abuja
    Phone Number

    53. PPA Progressive Peoples Alliance
    National Chairman: Chief Peter Ameh
    National Secretary: Kehinde Edun
    National Treasurer: Mrs. Akpa Elizabeth
    National Financial Secretary: Lawrence Ade
    National Legal Adviser: Otanwa John
    Address: Warri Street, off Emeka Anyoku Street, Area 11, Garki, Abuja
    Phone Number: 08023137834, 08094472176

    54. PPC Providence People’s Congress
    National Chairman: Benson Adeton
    National Secretary: Sanjo Hamzat
    National Treasurer: Okpala Emeka Kenneth
    National Financial Secretary: Olokode Adenike
    National Legal Adviser: ?
    Address: ?
    Phone Number: 08037141200; 08035854586

    55. PPN Peoples Party of Nigeria
    National Chairman: Hon. Razak Eyiowuawi
    National Secretary: Alh. Garba Ibrahim Yakasai
    National Treasurer: Engr. Eno Enang
    National Financial Secretary: Alh. Saidu Bello Abubakar
    National Legal Adviser: Barr. Adamu Kana
    Address: House 43, 6th Avenue, Gwarimpa Estate, Abuja Model City.
    Phone Number: 07037674661/ 08062471148

    56. PPP Peoples Progressive Party
    National Chairman: Dr. Damian Uzoma Ogbonna
    National Secretary: Mrs. Vera Oseni
    National Treasurer: Hon. Richard Benson Echigbue
    National Financial Secretary: Abubakar Aliyu Ibrahim
    National Legal Adviser: Barr. Chibuzor C. Ezike
    Address: Block D, Suite 20 Efab Plaza Extension Area 11 Garki Abuja
    Phone Number: 08034213272, 07033777573

    57. PRP Peoples Redemption Party
    National Chairman: Alhaji Balarabe Musa
    National Secretary: ?
    National Treasurer
    National Financial Secretary
    National Legal Adviser
    Phone Number

    58. PT People’s Trust
    National Chairman: Ahmed Muh. Sani
    National Secretary: Umar Khalifa Mohammed
    National Treasurer: Aliyu Abubakar
    National Financial Secretary: Manir Tukur
    National Legal Adviser: Dayo Godwin
    Address: ?
    Phone Number: 07037126716, 08166814254

    59. RBNP Re-build Nigeria Party
    National Chairman: Chief Japhet Anyanwu
    National Secretary: Hon. Musa Abutu
    National Treasurer Silifat Usman Oyiza
    National Financial Secretary: Hon. Larry Badmus
    National Legal Adviser: Barr. Nweke Chukwudi
    Address: House No. 26 Ficus Benjamin Street, Gaduwa Estate, Abuja, FCT
    Phone Number: 08033410691; 08033921880

    60. RP Restoration Party of Nigeria
    National Chairman: Nsehe Nseobong
    National Secretary: Zino Aliru
    National Treasurer: Abubakar Jaafar Dabawa
    National Financial Secretary: Joy Joseph Omor
    National Legal Adviser: F. O. Wainwei
    Address: 5 Jerusalem Street, Old Kutunku Gwagwalada, Abuja, Nigeria
    Phone Number: 09035598566; 08036977730

    61. SDP Social Democratic Party
    National Chairman: Chief. Olu Falae
    National Secretary: Dr. Sadiq Umar Abubakar
    National Treasurer: Chief. Clarkson Nnaji
    National Financial Secretary: Alh. Lawan Kassim Funtua
    National Legal Adviser: Chief. Dr. Robson Momoh
    Address: Plot 2105 Herbert Macaulay Way, Opp. Sky Memorial Plaza, Block B3, Wuse zone 6, Abuja
    Phone Number: 08036203435/ 08089367398

    62. SNP Sustainable National Party
    National Chairman: Kayode Arimoro Michael
    National Secretary: Yusuf Ibrahim
    National Treasurer: Jummai Yewande Maha
    National Financial Secretary: Yau Isah
    National Legal Adviser: Ifunanya Anemalechi
    Address: No 1 K 2nd Avenue Kado Mbinko, Gwarinpa, Abuja
    Phone Number: 08065308089; 08065977831

    63. SPN Socialist Party of Nigeria
    National Chairman: Mrs. Segun Sango
    National Secretary: Mr. Chinedu Bosah
    National Treasurer: Basir Razaq Tanko
    National Financial Secretary:
    National Legal Adviser: ?
    Address: No. 42 Adetokunbo Ademola Street Wuse II Abuja.
    Phone Number: 08023180522

    64. UDP United Democratic Party
    National Chairman: ?
    National Secretary: Barr. Godson Okoye
    National Treasurer: ?
    National Financial Secretary: ?
    National Financial Secretary:
    National Legal Adviser: Tony Ogbulafor
    Address: 6 Gnassingbe Eyedema Street, Asokoro District, Abuja
    Phone Number: 08033113639/ 08055302788

    65. UPN Unity Party of Nigeria
    National Chairman: Prof. Bankole Okuwa
    National Secretary: Alhaji Abubakar Abdullahi Sokoto
    National Treasurer: Engr. Okey Nwaneri
    National Financial Secretary: ?
    National Legal Adviser:
    Address: Block 10, Flat 1, Amasuma Close, Area 2, Section 1, Garki – Abuja
    Phone Number: 08022179684/ 0703559449

    66. UPP United Progressive Party
    National Chairman: Chief Chekwas Okorie
    National Secretary: Barr. Bello Umar
    National Treasurer: Prince O.N.C. Akanagbu
    National Financial Secretary: Alh. Ibrahim Sulaiman
    National Legal Adviser: Barr. Agbo Agbo
    Address: The Dome N-Glory Centre, Plot 412, Cadestral Zone, CBD, Abuja
    Phone Number: 07030521292

    67. YDP Young Democratic Party
    National Chairman: Barr. Georgina Dakpokpo
    National Secretary: Hon. Bolaji Oni
    National Treasurer: Hon. Adex Adetula
    National Financial Secretary: Hon. Ahmad Kawu
    National Legal Adviser: Bar. Ugo Nwofor
    Address: No. 12 ubiaja Crescent, Garki 2, Abuja.
    Phone Number: 09098432977

    68. YPP Young Progressive Party
    National Chairman: Comrade Bishop Amakiri
    National Secretary: Barr. Vidiyeno Bamaiyi
    National Treasurer: Usman Haruna
    National Financial Secretary: Amechi Chidi Charles
    National Legal Adviser: Lagi Innocent
    Address: Block 10, Flat No. 1 Benue Crescent, Area 1, Garki Abuja
    Phone Number: 08100005566, 07050505010

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  • Looters blackmailing Buhari on Benue killings, others – Shehu, presidential spokesperson

    Looters blackmailing Buhari on Benue killings, others – Shehu, presidential spokesperson

    The Senior Special Assistant to the President on Media and Publicity, Garba Shehu, in this interview with OLALEKAN ADETAYO, talks about the recent killings in Benue and Taraba states, among others

    The governor of Benue State, Samuel Ortom, said he alerted President Muhammadu Buhari to the imminent attack in Benue State before it later happened on January 1. Can you confirm the receipt of that intelligence?

    This is not true. In any case, the Office of the Vice-President has already shown that there is no truth to the claims made by the governor.

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    This notwithstanding, it is noteworthy that the police had before now put Benue State on red alert. The Army had mobilised to Benue and for some time, a lot of attacks had been averted. When this attack you mentioned happened, there was a prompt response from the security services and arrests were made. The promptness of the response has been acknowledged by the Tor Tiv, Prof. James Ayatse, and the state governor did not dispute what the Tor Tiv said when the President met with Benue leaders on Monday.

    Before now, the President had issued prompt directives to security agencies on the security situation in the country.  He made this clear in his August 21, 2017 broadcast to the nation. In that broadcast, the President asked security agencies not to let the successes achieved in the last months be a reason for them to relax. He said terrorists and criminals must be fought and destroyed relentlessly so that the majority of Nigerians could live in peace and safety. He went further to say that apart from the fight against Boko Haram, this administration will tackle kidnappings, farmers versus herdsmen clashes, in addition to ethnic violence fuelled by political mischief makers. So the President’s stand on the matter is clear.

    Gov Ortom specifically said he wrote to inform the then Acting President Yemi Osinbajo that he had information that some herdsmen were planning to attack Benue and that he also told President Buhari after his return from his medical vacation in the United Kingdom, but nothing was done. Why did the President Buhari-led government ignore the warnings?

    I have just told you that the Office of the Vice-President issued a statement debunking this claim. You may which to refer to that press release on the issue.

    The governor also said he informed the National Security Adviser and the Department of State Services about the imminent attack but that there was no response. How do you relate that with President Buhari’s claims that he is committed to protecting all Nigerians?

    We cannot speak for the NSA or the DSS.  Nonetheless, President Buhari’s avowed commitment to protecting Nigerians remains unshaken and is not in doubt.

    Some Nigerians are wondering why the President has not visited Benue and Taraba states since the killings. Does he think it is not important?

    No. The most important thing is to act and not play politics with the unfortunate and despicable incidents. If he wanted to play politics, the President would have caught a plane and gone there. We are dealing with security issues that require tact, strategy and decisiveness.  That is how to deal with them and that is what the President is doing. The problems cannot be solved with newspaper headlines and Facebook posts.

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    Many people are also of the view that deploying the Inspector-General of Police in Benue State may not be all that is needed because the attack has spread to other states like Taraba. What happened to intelligence gathering and being proactive in this country?

    The escalation of the herdsmen and farmers’ clashes can be traced back to the last decade. The conflict has been there since the existence of the country. The difference here is that this is the first time someone has openly put coffins on display in articulated vehicles, accompanied by weeping women and children and conducted the funeral at the IBB Square, Makurdi.  The President is opposed to the drama around the loss of precious human lives.

    Why was it easy for the government to have Operation Python Dance in the South-East but failed to have a major exercise like that in the Middle Belt to fish out killer herdsmen?

    The python dance was a military training exercise. It was not to suppress the Indigenous People of Biafra. The operation was one of six military exercises – one for each of the geo-political zones budgeted for by the military and appropriated by the National Assembly for the fiscal year. It was a mere coincidence that there was an escalation of IPOB activities about the same time.

    Some Nigerians have described the recent attacks as a conspiracy by the Fulani to take over the country and have their way. How would you react to Nigerians who say the attitude of this government to killer-herdsmen confirms such a conspiracy?

    It is a mistaken belief. We issued a statement on January 9 to address this. In that press release, we mentioned that while there are many Nigerians who see the conflict between the nomadic herdsmen and peasant farmers as an ethnic problem, others point to religious differences and agenda.  We then made it clear that the President does not subscribe to such simplistic reductionism. We said that President Buhari holds the view, as do many experts, that these conflicts are more often than not, as a result of major demographic changes in Nigeria.  We cited an example that when Nigeria attained independence, the population of the country was estimated at about 63,000,000.  Today, the population is estimated at close to 200,000,000; while the land size has not changed and will not change.  Urban sprawl and development have simply reduced land area, both for peasant farming and cattle grazing.

    We then said it was both unfair and unkind, for anyone to keep insinuating that the President was condoning the spate of killings in Benue and other neighbouring states. We stand by that our statement.

    If you say there is no conspiracy, how then do you explain that the heads of the Army, Police, DSS, Immigration, Customs, NIA, the National Security Adviser, Minister of Defence, Minister of Interior, head of prisons, Air Force chief are all northerners?

    Every northerner is not Fulani, herdsman, Muslim or Christian. Don’t mix apples with oranges. The appointment of Service Chiefs is like something revolving, swinging in favour of one region and another. In all situations, the most important consideration is the ability to retain the confidence of the Commander-in-Chief and carry out missions assigned successfully.

    Now that the government is proposing cattle colonies, what would happen in states like Benue and Ekiti where the governors have kicked against the move?

    The policy is still a proposal. Nothing is settled. The President’s avowed position is that Nigerians should be accommodating of one another. He will not permit ethnic cleansing. Nobody will be expelled from Nigeria on the basis of ethnicity, religion or region. Nigeria has always had crop and animal agriculture and it will continue to do so. The President is determined to find a permanent solution to the problem.

    Is there a way the Federal Government would pacify such states or would it push the National Assembly to tinker with the Land Use Act that vests the ownership of all lands in the state?

    The Federal Ministry of Agriculture has promised that it will table before the Federal Executive Council a new policy on agriculture and Agric-infrastructure. Let us wait for it.

    The argument of some people who have opposed the creation of cattle colonies is that herdsmen are businessmen and so they should sort themselves out the way other business persons do. Is the government giving concession to herdsmen because the President is their leader?

    Change will come. How soon or quickly can we bring these changes without disrupting peace in the country?  As a long-term goal, cattle ranches are the ideal and more profitable. But we need a roadmap that does not alienate (anyone) but carries everyone along.

    Some notable Nigerians have said that the happenings in the country, especially the wanton killings by herdsmen, could lead to another civil war if not handled properly. Do you honestly think the President has handled the matter in a way that is satisfactory to the victims and the states affected by the attacks?

    The President has handled security issues in the country as best as anyone can handle them. He is being blackmailed on security issues by the beneficiaries of a rotten old order, who are the real losers in an environment in which corruption, impunity and theft are being fought. Those who stole N2tn from oil subsidies every year; those who stole crude oil, sold it abroad and pocketed the proceedings, powerful men and women who stole N200bn from the federal pensions and salaries; these are the enemies of the people. They are just blackmailing the President. Their pain is that they have been deprived of what they are used to. The message they are sending is ‘we are already starving, how can we survive four more years of Buhari’s government?’ Nigeria is not in danger of a civil war. It is in the throes of the larceny and the insatiable greed of political elite that has fed on a previous economy that rewarded laziness and theft.

    Seven governors met with the President behind closed doors last Friday and after the meeting, the governors were talking about supporting Buhari for 2019. Some Nigerians saw that as highly insensitive at a time when the country was mourning. How would you react to that?

    Nobody is happy that we lost lives and the President is still in grief. But when you put this question to those who are arguing to replace him, what do they say to you? Is anyone thinking of banning the freedom of expression? Not this government.

    Despite his age and alleged ineptitude, is it fair for people to ask him to recontest?

    The President is back and in good health. He is fit and strong enough to continue his good work as the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. The President cannot be adjudged to be incompetent by any measure. This government has recovered billions of naira and millions of US dollars in the fight against corruption. The assets recovery at home and abroad is unprecedented. This government has stopped Boko Haram from bombing major cities and expelled them from the so-called Islamic caliphate. (There is) the diversification of the economy from its over-reliance on oil to other sources of revenue leading to food security in just two years. President Buhari’s vision has unleashed infrastructure revolution aimed at redressing cumulative years of neglect. The President is very competent.

    There was a newspaper report that showed when the President said he only needed one term. Did the President ever say that?

    Not to my knowledge. The Constitution of the country, which allows two terms for an elected President, rises above any such permutations or concessions, even if anyone made them. In any case, we heard from the All Progressives Congress in Kano and the South-East and some state chapters will go to the extent of suing the President, should he decline to take a second-term ticket.

    Now that the SIndependent National Electoral Commission has released the guidelines for next year’s election, when will the President make known his decision whether to contest or not?

    Whatever will come will be in accordance with INEC timetable.

    This government recently appointed some dead persons into boards of some agencies, whose fault was it?

    We had a problem, we are solving it. A few days from now, ministers will start inaugurating the new boards.

    The Director-General of the Voice of Nigeria, Osita Okechukwu, said the President would carry out restructuring in his second term. Is that the plan?

    The APC manifesto makes it clear that the government in power will undertake devolution of power. If that is what restructuring means, the President will abide by it.

    A northerner in the person of Mr. Boss Mustapha was appointed to replace the sacked SGF, Babachir Lawal, who is also a northerner. Nigerians felt it was okay. But many people are unhappy that a northerner, Ahmed Abubakar, was appointed to replace the sacked National Intelligence Agency Director-General, Ayo Oke, who is from the South-West. They say the President makes it so obvious that he is a sectional leader. How would you respond to that?

    The NIA Director-General is not a ‘political position’ per se. It is a highly professional and technical office. The day this country starts appointing heads of security agencies on the basis of ethnicity, religion or region, will be the end of those organisations. NIA is not a tribal organisation. It is an intelligence agency. Only those who are prepared for the job are appointed. Ahmed Rufai Abubakar is a perfect fit, who is most qualified for the job. He has occupied various top public offices in the agency in the course of which he received several awards. He left voluntarily to go to the United Nations as a Director. When he retired, he was appointed as a senior adviser in the Multinational Joint Task Force regional coalition of countries for the fight against Boko Haram and other trans-border security threats in the region. There is no doubt at all as to Mr. Abubakar’s qualifications for the job and that is what is most important. Until Mr. Abubakar’s appointment at the NIA, he worked directly with President Buhari as a Senior Special Assistant to the President on Foreign Affairs/International Relations. He travelled with the President and sat at his meetings with foreign leaders for more than two years. In my layman’s view, advising the President on the important subject of international relations is a far more challenging responsibility than being a DG. But I believe that the President, having worked closely with him, may have used his own assessment of the officer’s competence and personal integrity to choose him above several others to go and undertake this new assignment. Allegations of his dual nationality are false and malicious. It is not true that he is married to a foreigner. His wife is a Nigerian, and this can be verified by simply going to his house. Considering the sensitive nature of the NIA DG’s appointment, President Buhari could not but appoint someone with whom he felt comfortable. Every President should be comfortable with his security chiefs. I think that Nigerians should not read any untoward meaning into President Buhari’s appointment of Mr. Abubakar and disregard the agitations in the media emanating from sources with ulterior motives and vested interests.

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  • Edo agog as APC receives PDP Reps member, ex-PDP Guber aspirant, followers

    Edo agog as APC receives PDP Reps member, ex-PDP Guber aspirant, followers

    The Edo State Chapter of the All Progressives Congress (APC) dealt a big blow to the camp of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in the state on Friday, with the decamping of major PDP heavyweights, including Member representing Egor/Ikpoba Okha Federal Constituency, Honourable Ehiozuwa Johnson Agbonayinma and former gubernatorial aspirant of the PDP, Matthew Iduoriyekemwen.

    Edo State Chairman, All Progressives Congress

    The Edo State Governor, Mr. Godwin Obaseki led the party leadership to receive Hon. Agbonayinma and Hon. Iduoriyekemwen and their followers at its Mega Rally, which hosted party chieftains and members across the state, at the Samuel Ogbemudia Stadium, in Benin City, the Edo State capital.

    Governor Obaseki, who welcomed the new members of the party, said that they have further swelled the ranks of the party to become an indomitable force in the state, adding that they would enjoy all due benefits as party members.

    He maintained that the infrastructural development witnessed in the state is the result of the solid foundation laid by his predecessor, Comrade Adams Oshiomhole.

    According to him, “Edo is working today, because Oshiomhole laid the foundation. Edo people have not seen anything yet. We will continue to demonstrate efforts in sustaining good governance.

    “I am making effort to attract investors to the state as this administration is committed to building the biggest industrial park in Nigeria. On our promise to facilitate job opportunities and engage 200, 000 youths, we will achieve that before the year 2020.”

    He assured that a modular refinery will be built in the state as part of the outcome for his recent visit to China, promising to replicate development in every local government in the state.

    On his part, Oshiomhole said that the action of the decampees to Edo APC reinforces the total clearing and cleansing of the opposition in the state, who, according to him, balkanised the state almost beyond repair.

    He stressed that the APC is running on the principle of social democracy, making a case for the state chapter of the party to reclaim Delta State from the PDP, to extend the developmental strides to their brothers and sisters with whom they formed the old Bendel State.

    He said, “Our aim in APC is to transfer power to the people as we have successfully taken power from the few who claimed to be godfathers and impoverished the masses.

    On the charge for the state APC to advance into Delta State, he said, “Together, we will sweep whatever is left out of Edo State and Delta. Comrades, we have secured Edo State, now we must advance to Delta.

    In the spirit of Bendel, which was governed by the late Samuel Ogbemudia, we must carry more brooms to Asaba and sweep all the way to Warri and install an APC governor in Asaba, so that the resources of Asaba can be used for the benefit of Deltans.”

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  • INEC registers 74 million voters

    INEC registers 74 million voters

    The Chairman of Independent National Electoral Commission, Prof. Mahmood Yakubu, says the commission has 74 million voters in its register by the second week of January.

    The INEC Director of Voter Education and Publicity, Mr Oluwole Osaze-Uzzi, made the fact known in a statement in Abuja on Friday.

    Osaze-Uzzi quoted Yakubu as making the fact known at the 15th edition of the Daily Trust Dialogue, where he was represented by INEC National Commissioner and Chairman of the Information and Voter Education Committee, Mr Solomon Soyebi.

    The chairman said the figure was expected to reach between 80 and 85 million by 2019 because of the on-going nationwide Continuous Voter Registration.

    He assured Nigerians that only their votes would determine the 2019 general elections and beyond.

    Yakubu noted that there had been a lot of improvement in the electoral process since the current commission came on board.

    He said the commission was not unmindful of the enormous responsibility of conducting elections in a democracy.

    He said INEC would continue to engage all stakeholders to ensure an all-inclusive process.

    The INEC chairman stressed the commission’s resolve to adhere strictly to the timelines provided in the recently released Timetable and Schedule of Activities for the 2019 general elections.


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  • Oredo LG poll: Former Chairman, Ohaneze Ndigbo, endorse Tom

    Oredo LG poll: Former Chairman, Ohaneze Ndigbo, endorse Tom

    BENIN-CITY—FORMER Chairman of Oredo Local Government Area, Mr Osaro Obaze, the Oredo Local Government Area chapter of the Ohaneze Ndigbo, Tricycle Owners Association of Nigeria, Edo State chapter, have endorsed Dr Tom Obaseki for chairman of Oredo Local Government Area in the forthcoming March 3, 2018 Local Government election.


    It would be recalled that Obaseki had Wednesday picked his expression of interest form and nomination form for the chairmanship election in Oredo and assured of his readiness to key into the ongoing reforms in the Local Government Areas embarked upon by governor Godwin Obaseki.

    Speaking to Vanguard, Obaze asserted that “Looking at the people who intends to contest, Tom is one of the most qualified. He has been a constant factor in the Local Government, he is very creative and very vast in the area of generating income. As a matter of fact, now that the economic situation is tough, we need somebody like that to lead Oredo.

    In a letter endorsing Obaseki, the Tricycle Owners Association of Nigeria, said they will mobilize their supporters across the entire wards in Oredo to ensure victory for Obaseki, whom they described as one of the most credible aspirants in the race.

    “His antecedents speaks for him and that is why we want him. Oredo is the hub of Benin City and the biggest Local Government Area in the state, therefore we need a man with the requisite credentials, the experience and the academic prowess to lead the council. We are happy with the reforms Governor Obaseki embarked upon in the councils and it is our believe that Tom Obaseki will consolidate on that and expand the scope to the betterment of the people of Oredo” it stated.

    Ohaneze Ndigbo in a statement, signed by Eze Luke Abbas, said: “we have known Tom Obaseki for many years now and he has excelled in everything he laid his hands on.


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  • [ICYMI] Herdsmen killings: Buhari lacks power to remove Ortom, says SAN

    [ICYMI] Herdsmen killings: Buhari lacks power to remove Ortom, says SAN

    Ade Adesomoju, Abuja

    A Senior Advocate of Nigeria and legal books author, Mr. Sebastine Hon, has said the speculation for a likely declaration of a state of emergency in Benue State following the killings by Fulani herdsmen was baseless.

    Hon, a citizen of Benue State, said, in a statement, that the speculation that President Muhammadu Buhari could remove the Governor of Benue State, Mr. Samuel Ortom, to enforce the declaration of the state of emergency, lacked constitutional backing.

    The statement titled, ‘A capital ‘NO’ to a state of emergency in Benue State’, read in part, “The social media is agog with speculations that the Presidency will soon declare a state of emergency in Benue State. Some of the media postings are suggestive of the ‘power’ of the President to overthrow the governmental structures in that state and to replace same with a Sole Administrator.

    “Such speculation, though social media blogs, cannot be dismissed with a wave of the hand, in view, especially, of the orchestrated violent demonstrations in Makurdi on Saturday by the Hausa-Fulani, two days after the burial of the victims of the New Year massacre.

    “The power to proclaim a state of emergency by the Presidency is provided for by Section 305 of the 1999 Constitution; and there is nothing in that provision, clear or latent, which imbues the President, or any authority for that matter, with any scintilla of power to remove or overthrow elected or appointed state officials. There being no such enabling provision, therefore, such arbitrary power cannot be implied; and if exercised, will be clearly illegal and unlawful.”

    Hon explained that Section 1(2) of the Constitution provides in clear terms that “The Federal Republic of Nigeria shall not be governed, nor shall any person or group of persons take control of the government of Nigeria or any part thereof, except in accordance with the provisions of the Constitution.”

    He argued, “The phrases ‘any person or group of persons’ and ‘any part thereof’ above mean that no authority or group of persons shall, under any guise whatsoever, take control of, in this case, Benue State, except as provided for in the Constitution itself.

    “And of course, the only way a state governor can be removed from office or can vacate his office is by impeachment, death, sickness of such a magnitude as to impair him from performing the functions of his office, or by resignation.

    “A state House of Assembly also has its constitutional lifespan, which cannot be trammeled or tempered with by any person or authority.

    “Under our constitutional jurisprudence, therefore, both the appointer and the appointee to the office or position of Sole Administrator of a state will be acting in flagrant breach Section 1(2) and other relevant provisions of the Constitution.”

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