#BBNaija 2018 Day 68: Lolu Scared Of The Outcome Of His Relationship With Anto

#BBNaija 2018 Day 68: Lolu Scared Of The Outcome Of His Relationship With Anto

Lolu made a shocking revelation when he said that if he were to learn that the feelings between him and Anto in the #bbnaija house were not mutual, he would become a broken man.

This was triggered by a question from Khloe about his relationship with Anto in what seemed like a questions and answers game where the #bbnaija Housemates asked each other questions about other Housemates in the Big Brother House

He opened up to his fellow Housemates, adding that because what he feels for Anto is so genuine, he hasn’t thought beyond their stay in the #bbnaija House or about the relationship.

His lucky star had shone brightly when Anto was voted back into the #bbnaija House, granting him a second chance to pursue what he hass always went after.

This time around things have been a bit different and Anto seems more receptive towards Lolu’s advances. Despite the fact that he didn’t have it easy, that didn’t stop him from trying.

When Anto came back to the #bbnaija House, she confessed to being led on by Lolu whom she felt like slapping if there were no rules in the House. However, their ironing out session turned out for the better and they got even closer. A kiss was shared to seal the newly formed union.

Anto on her part also had an opportunity to ask Lolu a question about why he felt threatened by Miracle and Tobi getting closer to her. His response, like a protective boyfriend, was very brief and straight to the point.

He said he wouldn’t have felt the need to protect her if he saw that their closeness was legitimate and not part of their strategy. Additionally, he made it known from a rare view that their friendship would have been commended if it was more natural than it actually was.

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