#BBNaija 2018 Day 23: Biggie Pranks The Housemates

#BBNaija 2018 Day 23: Biggie Pranks The Housemates

The theme of the week, which happens to be the fourth week for the #bbnaija housemates is “Not Afraid.” Big brother decided to gather the #bbnaija Housemates in the lounge to assign them with the latest Task, and he was doing it to teach them something about being responsible adults.

A Ninja walked to centre of the circle, spreading fourteen envelopes across the coffee table, even as the Housemates looked suspiciously. After what seemed like a long silence, big brother instructed them to pick an envelope.

When they did, many were up for a big surprise as their envelopes contained the odd congratulatory message “You Have A Baby”.

Anto, Ahneeka and Alex were asked to step forward and acknowledge the gift of a child, and a moment later, three Ninjas emerged out of the elevator with three tiny baby cots, inside of which were three baby dolls.

Biggie soon announced to the trio again that the baby dolls needed to be bathed, soothed, sung lullabies to and cared for like human babies. The #bbnaija Housemates looked like they had lost their bearings, and when the first baby cries filled the air, the entire room burst into a hearty laugh at the realisation of Biggie’s prank.

Despite the fact that they had crying babies in their arms, the joyous interlude didn’t last long. Anto was evidently frustrated and repeated several times that it was not funny.

It was obvious that she didnt enjoy the forced motherhood game. Ahneeka on the other side never dropped her baby, she walked to the bedroom with it and was joined by her new male pair Angel into a lullaby.

Perhaps Alex’s handling of her baby doll revealed more than expected. Despite the fact that she was paired with Tobi, it was Leo who while chatting with Nina jumped from his bed when Alex’s baby cried.

What will be the end game of biggie’s prank?

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