#BBNaija 2018 Day 14: Niniola Thrills At the Third Live Show As Housemates Are Surprised

#BBNaija 2018 Day 14: Niniola Thrills At the Third Live Show As Housemates Are Surprised

The third #bbnaija live show saw Nigerian songstress Niniola on the stahe as she thrilled the audience with her hit song, Maradona.

As a new week kicked off, Host of #bbnaija Ebuka took a moment to chat Housemates up, poking Cee-C and Miracle about their relations with Tobi and Nina respectively. It seemed Cee-C couldn’t stand being put on the spot as she hid her face behind Tobi’s shoulder. While Miracle flashed an embarrassed grin that forced him to look away shyly.

Ebuka went on further to grill the #bbnaija nominated housemate pairs. He called on Pritto, Loto, K_Square, Angelifu and Bamteddy to rise only to Save Loto and K_Square. The silence was total, as the remaining Nominated pairs held their breath. In the heat of the moment, some serious teeth grinding, eye twitching and fist tightening happened.

After a brief interlude to chat other #bbnaija Housemates up, Host Ebuka casually informed the Nominated pairs that it was actually a big fat and fake joke, and that they were Safe and that the real Nominations were only just about to start.

It was quite shocking when the always composed Anto who upon hearing the news fell on her knees, hand-wiping tears and shaking out of relief. Another surprise on the night was Lolu, who apparently collapsed into Alex’s arms to be hugged while loudly wailing. His sobbing was however overshadowed by louder shouts of joy.

As the #bbnaija housemates heaved a sigh of relief, Ebuka introduced a hips-shaking game to shortlist the runners to the Head of House title.

In the Arena, the ladies of the #bbnaija House gracefully though hysterically executed themselves, and Khloe, Ifu-Ennada and Bambam emerged as the triumphant trio.

Soon enough, it was the turn of the guys but their performance was so out-of-sync and so loud that within seconds, Big Brother interrupted the game, disqualifying all of them in one breath.

There was a serious look of defeat on the faces of the men in the #bbnaija house as they dragged their feet out of the Arena.

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